In the right place at the right time - planning is crucial.

A complex supply network and logistical concept is behind the motorcycle production.

Production, delivery and dispatch control have developed an internal production strategy for a smooth production process. In addition, logistics and sales have developed an economically feasible and tested manufacturing programme to ensure that the delivery of BMW motorcycles is carried out in due time. The logistics department also coordinates the complex material flow and ensures that the components are available in the right amount and quality, in the right place at the right time.

Almost 10,000 different parts and components delivered by 500 external partners from 33 countries are fitted into the right sequence for the production process. Due to the process coordination, painted components, groups of parts tailored for order from the pre-assembly and the pre-fitted components arrive at the conveyor on time. Just fewer than 100,000 BMW motorcycles are shipped from the plant to 130 countries with a sophisticated logistic concept.