Precision Work “Made in Berlin”.

The proverbial Berlin Air fills the tyres of all BMW motorcycles.

Machining Shop

The foundation of every motorcycle is laid here - in the machining shop. Core engine elements, such as engine cases, cylinder heads, crankshafts and connecting rods, as well as frame elements, tanks and chassis components are produced here. Computer controlled machining centres, designed to offer maximum flexibility, process components with high precision. First class quality is ensured by highly qualified associates as well as state-of-the-art machining and measuring technologies.

Engine Assembly

The main features of the BMW engine assembly are three highly flexible assembly systems and technologically sophisticated test engineering like cold and drive test. Around 150 engine technicians working in two shifts build up to 450 high performance engines with two (Boxer), four and six cylinders from more than 600 different small parts and components every day. Technicians are supported by 21 automatic workstations. It takes around 90 minutes to assemble a Boxer engine and around 160 minutes to assemble an in-line 6-cylinder engine.

Paint shop

Five computer-controlled robots apply paint to several thousand motorcycle components a day. Components can have more than 70 different shapes and and are painted with water-based paint in more than 30 shades. The concept of paint applying facility allows the robots to paint components of different size and shape, processing them in a rather loose order. But in many cases, the skill and dexterity of experienced painters is still required. A steady hand is imperative when it comes to applying the traditional trim lines as well as tape applications to the tanks and side panels.


Motorcycles are fixed on mounting hangers on 300 rotating hooks moving in a flexible conveyor system. In this system, the machines are automatically transported through a 500-meter-long assembly line. Every mounting hook rises automatically to the ergonomically optimal working height at almost 150 assembly stations. All order-related data as well as fastening torques and default settings are conveyed automatically to the particular assembly station. Depending on the model around 220 to 360 minutes elapse before the 2,000 parts and components are built into a complete and customer-ready BMW motorcycle.


By the time BMW motorcycles reach the end of the assembly line, associates have already prepared them in the finishing shop for the dispatch to customers all over the world. Recyclable and foldable steel packing is used for deliveries to the main European markets. For the transport to overseas markets the motorcycles are packed in solid containers made of wood and cardboard. Sustainability and logistical efficiency are considered, so the end products are transported from the Plant to the costumers by truck, train and cargo ship.

Brake Discs

In the car component production about 170 associates produce more than five million brake discs for cars of the BMW Group, ranging from BMW 1 Series to Rolls-Royce Phantom. More than six million brake discs are planned for 2011, approximately 24,000 a day. Besides regular brake discs, lightweight discs are produced with mixed construction methods.