The BMW Berlin Plant in a nutshell.

Facts and Figures of the Berlin-Spandau production site.

Berlin Plant
Workforce, total approx. 2,000
Share of female associates 8.7 % (17.8%)
No. of apprentices 80
Regular working week 35 hours
Working time concepts 12
Area, overall approx. 220,000 sqm
Area build-up approx. 90,000 sqm

Motorcycle production
Associates in motorcycle production approx. 1,700
Further BMW associates at the production site approx. 90
Production Berlin Plant 2016 incl. CKD 143,400
Daily production up to 800 EH
Number of models 24
Car components production
Associates in car components production 170
Production of brake discs 2016 5.3 Mio.

BMW in the motorcycle market 2016
Market share in Germany (plus 500-cc segment) 22.7 %
Market share worldwide (plus 500-cc segment) 14.4 %
Export ratio 81.8 %

Environmental protection
Proportion of metals recycled in motorcycle production 100 %
Proportion of other recycled materials in motorcycle assembly >90 %
Reduction of the used amount of wood per packing unit 15 kg
Audit-quota of BMW disposal partners 100 %

BMW Group Plant Berlin Environmental Declaration 2017/2018 (pdf, in German)
BMW Group Environmental Declaration 2017/2018 (pdf, in German)