Neat and tidy: Clean production in the BMW Berlin Plant.

The plant in the centre of the city values efficiency and resource conservation.

Core elements of the BMW Group's strategy for sustainability are cutting down on the waste of resources and reducing environmental damages as much as possible. Therefore, the motorcycle production in the centre of the federal capital highly respects the basic principle of „Clean production“.

The production is focussed on using resources truly efficiently, reducing emissions, waste production and water consumption. The Plant's recycling rate of metal is 100%. Further production materials are recycled up to 90%.

Due to the implementation of water-based paints, emissions of solvents were reduced in a significant manner. Remaining amounts of solvents are used as process heat for the paint dryer after they have run through an afterburning process.

A great amount of the energy mix used at the BMW Berlin Plant consists of renewable energy. Thermal and process heat are obtained from natural gas and generated ecologically in the internal energy centre of the Plant, which has a total power of approximately 26 MW.

In 2009, 16% of the energy consumed at the plant was derived from renewable energy. In order to reduce energy consumption, an association for energy rates was founded. The aim of this association is to reduce the base load to below 10 percent through efficient measures that can be easily implemented. The energy consumption for heating and air conditioning was reduced through heat-insulating measures taken within the buildings of the plant, some of which are listed buildings, and by using unusual methods like greening the roofs.

Water used for the production is conducted within closed-loop cycles. Waste water is treated in regularly supervised internal treatment plants before it runs into the public sewage system. Over last years, the consumption of fresh water and the amount of wastage in the production has seen a continuous decrease.

An excellent example for cutting down on the amount of waste is the use of renewable, foldable transport equipments made of steel. These are used for packing up BMW motorcycles for dispatch within Europe. Due to these transport boxes, 1,000 tons of packaging material could be saved.