Excellent workmanship- Made in Berlin.

The BMW Plant has been awarded several times for its prize-winning product quality.

The enormous demand and the steadily rising market shares of BMW motorcycles argue for the first-class quality of its products. This is not a coincidence. BMW Motorcycle quality managers are constantly supervising the production in order to meet the high demands on production and product quality. New models are thoroughly tested and optimized in a launch analysis center before they are launched. Therefore they meet the high demands on quality at the start of the production.

In order to advance the continuous improvement process, the BMW Berlin Motorcycle Plant implemented the EFQM Excellence Model. For 20 years the organization EFQM has successfully developed and conveyed management strategies. In 2010, the BMW Berlin Plant has chosen the theme “Developing the Berlin Plant into a first-class motorcycle plant” and competed with external rivals in order to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. This was an award-winning commitment: during the competition for the renowned Ludwig-Erhard-Award the BMW Berlin Plant took second place straight away. This award is a recognized national honor for proven sustainable first-class performance and competitiveness.

In November 2011 the BMW Berlin Plant received the Ludwig-Erhard-Award for comprehensive company quality in the category “Large companies”. This award honors above-average management results to improve competitiveness, customer and associate satisfaction, social responsibility and the saving of resources. The decisive point was a sustainable company strategy for at least three years in a row.

Nothing is left to chance during the ongoing production: every single engine has to pass a combined cold and engine test where mechanics and tightness are tested. In the assembly all vehicle electronics are tested with a complex process, so even the smallest malfunction can be detected. In the test area at the end of the assembly line about 300 quality parameters are checked in a very short time. ABS system, brakes, clutches, gear box, illumination and vehicle safety features are tested thoroughly so BMW motorcycles are fully functional when handed over to customers.