As you like it: The customer is king!

BMW motorcycles are truly tailor-made.

Almost all BMW motorcycles are produced according to customer demand. Customers can chose between 19 different bodyworks from 38 different models in more than 52 colours and up to 295 special equipments. Together with the country-specific types, the number of possible variants adds up to several hundred thousand. That makes it extremely unlikely that two identical motorcycles roll off the conveyors in the BMW Berlin Plant.

Flexibility is the key. Associates need flexibility, know-how and product expertise, because every year up to 6,000 motorcycles with special features for the authorities are built as well.

In order to meet customer requirements at its best, the so-called customer-oriented sales and production process (KVOP) coordinates the entire production from order till delivery.

On the one hand, this ensures that the customers receive their tailor-made motorcycle at the scheduled time. On the other hand, if customers change their minds regarding colour and special features on the spur of the moment, changes can be made until 9 days prior to production.